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SEPTEMBER 2017 INTELLIGENCE SERVICE FILES SPECIAL DEAL: Any intelligence-related file in the WO 208, KV, HS or HW series copied for just £0.07 per page. T&Cs: must be whole files only, £4.50 minimum per file still applies, orders must be placed using the order form below. (Special Operations Executive, CSDIC, MI5, MI9, GC&CS)

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ARCRE can supply digital photographs of documents held by the British National Archives (TNA). The cost of this service is currently £0.09 per page with a £4.50 minimum charge per document/box. ARCRE also offers a guaranteed maximum charge of £129.99 per document regardless of the number of pages contained. Either whole documents or other easily identifiable sub-sections of a document can be copied. For example certain months of a war diary or RAF Operations Record Book can be chosen for copying. See the FAQ for more details.

Once copied the images will be transferred to the ARCRE web server so that you can download them directly to your own computer. Other methods of delivery, like transferring to a DVD or CD, can be arranged but may incur extra cost.

Please feel free to contact ARCRE with your requirements, if you need assistance locating specific documents in the National Archives or have any further questions.

Remember at ARCRE we pride ourselves on our fast, economical and confidential historical research and document copying services.

National Archive document copy orders can be placed directly with ARCRE using the order form below.